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RTL Media is Scretonian media company owned by RTL Group. The channels have nine television channels and five radio stations.


RTL FM and the company was founded on 21th November 1978 as Scretonian version RTL.

On 15th August 1983, RTL becomes a private radio station and the new name called RTL FM

On 15th May 1985, RTL Top was launched the Scretonian first commercial television network

On 1st September 1989, Sqret Teledidar Jelisi (now Arna 7) was launched from the South Scretonian government.

On 1st May 1990, Skretosat (now RTL Scretonia) was launched, replacing JRDT Plus.

On 1st June 1991, The Scretonian RTL headquarters moves Kirchberg into Ludifanija and Scretonian business is renamed CLT Skr. (CLT Skretonija)

On 1st January 1992, RTL Galaxy was launched as Radio Contact from Belgian radio station same the name, specialized in worldwide and European music

On 18th March 1993, Radio Wave (now RTL Vibe) was launched.

On 28th April 1993, Extra RTL (now RTL Dva) was launched, that Scretonian version of RTL 2 (now RTL II)

On 17th July 1997, SpoRTL (now RTL Xtra) was launched and Skretosat is renamed RTL Int. (RTL International)

On 21st October 1997, CLT Skr. is renamed RTL Skr. (stylized as rtlskr., RTL Skretonija)

On 14th February 1998, Pasija TV (now RTL Passion) was launched.

On 1st November 1999, Radio Wave is renamed RTL Vibe

On 19th January 2000, Sqret Teledidar Jelisi is renamed Arna 7 and the Scretonian government sold Arna 7 to RTL Skr.

On 1st January 2003, RTL Skr. is renamed RTL Media.

On 20th October 2003, RTL Media's channel Top Kids (now RTL Joy) was launched and Extra RTL is renamed RTL Dva

On 1st April 2004, RTL Media's channel Top Cinema (now RTL Film) was launched.

On 31st October 2004, RTL Media's radio station RTL Punk was launched.

On 1st June 2005, RTL Media's radio station Radio Contact is renamed RTL Galaxy.

On 13th June 2005, RTL Media's channel Pasija TV is renamed Passion.

On 18th March 2006, the three RTL Media channels are renamed and rebranded.

On 30th April 2012, RTL Media's television channels Life & Home was launched, SpoRTL is renamed RTL Extra (like RTL Dva's former name)

On 25th May 2012, RTL Media's radio station RTL News was launched.

On 15th May 2015, RTL Media television channels was rebranded and renamed.

On 31st July 2016, RTL Media radio stations was rebranded and the new logos were changed.

On 15th May 2020, RTL Media was rebranded and the new logos were changed.

On 25th February 2021, RTL Media announces that new entertainment channel called RTL Iris will be launched on 15th May 2021.

On 15th May 2021, RTL Media's channel RTL Iris was launched.



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